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The Gentle Brush of Wings - David Niall Wilson,  Basil Sands A free download from Audible, I'm unfamiliar with the author, but hey, free short story. So, A Gentle Brush of Wings is about a lepidopterist (Google it :P) who, fresh from a bad break-up, is visited by a woman of unearthly beauty who gives him lots of sexxin' and then disappears, making him wonder if he dreamed her. But she returns. Our hapless science-nerd thinks it's just too good to be true - of course it is.

Basically, yet another modern retelling of the succubus myth. There was some nice prose, and it's a competent if predictable and not particularly original execution of a well-worn story. Not brilliant enough to sell me on downloading the entire short story collection, but maybe sampling a few more stories would convince me - I will at least keep Wilson on my radar as "Someone I might try again."