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Dominion - C.S. Friedman This free Audible.com download is a prequel to the Coldfire series, which I have not read, and thus this short novella did little for me, I'm afraid. The writing is okay, but it's a stock dark fantasy story. The two main characters are an ancient vampire with vestiges of a conscience (turns out he helped create the Church that is now dedicated to his destruction) and a Church warrior woman who wounds a white wolf before facing the vampire. The white wolf is a minor secondary character.

Evidently, the vampire is a major character in the series, so I guess this story would be more meaningful to someone who has read it. For someone who has not, there is no reason to identify with the characters or the setting, no sense of recognition or investment.

Firmly 3 stars; nothing wrong with the story, but nothing enticing about it to anyone who hasn't read the Coldfire series.