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and Falling, Fly

and Falling, Fly (Harrowing #1) - Skyler White This is really a 2-star and 4-star book by turns. There was some really nice prose, mixed with some really amateurish prose -- White has a lush writing style that needs tighter editing. The first part of the book dragged, and then became interesting for a while, and then started to drag again. Like the characters, the tone was sometimes schizophrenic -- is it an urban fantasy, a paranormal romance, a gothic tale, or a vampire thriller? I think the blurbs and the marketing are misleading. There's really nothing "steampunkish" about this story, other than L'Hotel where the "Damned" stay, with its wooden replica computers and ball bearings beneath the furniture to capture kinetic energy. I also was expecting more angels and demons, and the story is really, in fact, a steamy paranormal romance, which is not usually my thing. If you really like this genre, the book may be worth reading, but don't be misled into thinking you're going to get steampunk or any kind of fantasy world-building.