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The Illustrated Man

The Illustrated Man - Ray Bradbury This collection of classic sci-fi stories from Ray Bradbury is a little dated, with rocket ships and Martians and a 1950s sensibility (and sex roles). There's no real unifying theme, despite the "illustrated man" who bears each tale as a tattoo on his body. Most of the stories are dark and more psychological than speculative fiction, Martians and spaceships notwithstanding. Don't expect any of the usual "twist" endings common to short stories from this time period, but if you're familiar with Bradbury's other work, you'll see his themes reflected here.

I found the book moderately enjoyable, but it's not the best introduction to Bradbury, and it's not great sci-fi. Worth a read, but most of the stories just don't hold up well today; they were probably more thrilling and creepy sixty years ago.