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Shadow on the Sun

Shadow on the Sun - Richard Matheson, Mark Bramhall A pretty straightforward horror/western: the gruesome murders of two white men threaten a treaty between a band of warlike Apaches and the U.S. before the ink has even dried, but when Indian agent Billjohn Finley investigates, he discovers that the murderer may be supernatural.

Matheson's writing is pure story: he doesn't set up more than he needs to, and his characters get only as much detail as they need. This would make a good movie, though unlike many of Matheson's other stories, it hasn't been turned into a film, probably because Westerns are so out of fashion.

3.5 stars. This is a decent yarn, though even the ending is scripted like a Hollywood movie. Definitely worth reading or listening to for a few hours of entertainment, though it's not likely to rank as one of your all-time favorites.