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Locus Solus (Alma Classics)
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Blackout (Newsflesh Trilogy, #3)
Mira Grant, Paula Christensen, Michael Goldstrom

Fall of the Malakim (Revelation)

Revelations Cycle IV: Fall of the Malakim - James L. Cambias, David Edelstein, Kenneth Hite, Elizabeth McCoy, Derek Pearcy, Genevieve Cogman, Steve Jackson, Janice Sellers, Matt Cavotta, Kent Burles, ROGERIO VILELA, Alain Dawson, Fredd Gorham, Dan Smith This was a great book as an In Nomine Los Angeles sourcebook (characters and settings was one of the things Derek Pearcy did well). But, like the entire Revelations cycle, it suffered from gaping plot holes that made it less playable as an adventure.