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Arabic Computational Morphology: Knowledge-based and Empirical Methods

Arabic Computational Morphology: Knowledge-Based and Empirical Methods - Abdelhadi Soudi, G√ľnter Neumann, Dan Roth, Daniel Jurafsky, Alexander Clark, Erwin Marsi, Nizar Habash, Ali Farghaly, Antal van den Bosch, Ezra Daya, Shuly Wintner, Mona Diab, Kadri Hacioglu, Leah S. Larkey, Lisa Ballesteros, Margaret E. Connell, Kareem Darwish, Douglas W This book is a collection of fifteen papers about Arabic computational morphology, with specific topics ranging from Arabic script processing and transliteration to morphological analysis. There is a good overview of the current state of the art, with papers covering supervised and unsupervised machine learning, stemming, information retrieval, etc. It's really a survey of the field, with little organization, and depending on your needs, you'll probably find only a few of the papers useful.