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The Girl Who Sang Rose Madder

The Girl Who Sang Rose Madder - Elizabeth Bear An aging rock star is offered immortality, and debates which is more important: Life or Art.

The damaged rock star and the Pact with a Price have been done pretty often before. Frankly, I'm kind of tired of the burned-out has-been who spends decades mourning the glory days when she was hanging out with (insert dead musicians the author adored in her salad days).

Not being an Elizabeth Bear fan (I haven't read any of her books) I wasn't sure what to expect. This was a competent short story with believable characters, good writing, and the story fit the short form perfectly. So why only three stars? Because there weren't any exciting or original ideas, and nothing really blew me away or made me wish she'd write more stories about these characters or want to go read something else by the author.

At eighteen pages, it's not much of an investment in time and the price is right, so if you like this kind of story or you really like Elizabeth Bear, it's worth reading. I just can't muster a lot of enthusiasm for it.