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Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void - Mary Roach You never knew astronauts had it so hard. Mary Roach takes an irreverent look at space travel, and answers all your questions about sex and pooping in space. Actually, she only speculates about the sex -- NASA and the astronauts remain mum on the subject. But while Roach has an informal, sometimes juvenile style (this book is meant to be entertaining, and isn't exactly science journalism), she does research a lot of subjects in exhaustive detail that you've probably always wondered about but didn't think it was appropriate to ask. Problems like elimination in space and hygiene and what to do when you're space-sick may seem funny here on Earth, but they're dead serious concerns that NASA has spent millions of dollars researching (in sometimes bizarre ways). Packing for Mars is full of a million interesting, bizarre, and sometimes disgusting factoids about life in a space capsule. It may make you yearn for a manned Mars mission, but it won't make you envy the astronauts who actually fly it.