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Judas Unchained  - John      Lee, John Lee, Peter F. Hamilton Be warned that this book is part two. Pandora's Star is part one. You really need to read them both (in order) to get the whole story.

Pandora's Star introduced the Commonwealth and the alien race known as the Primes, the alien threat known as the Starflyer, several other aliens, and the large cast of characters who all wrap up their storylines in Judas Unchained.

Peter F. Hamilton is a big favorite among SF fans. I've now read his entire doorstopper two-volume epic and my reaction is overwhelming lukewarm. Yes, it was great space opera, it has an interstellar war with interesting and hostile aliens, tons of subplots involving a second mind-controlling alien entity, a super-intelligent super-computer, wormholes and "relifing" and there were explosions and chases and sex and so on, and none of it thrilled me or filled me with the warm fuzzies I get from truly great SF.

As a teenager, I would have loved this book. Now, it struck me as middlin' fair sci-fi and listening to it as an audiobook, my mind wandered. I don't want to discourage fans from checking it out, as it's very good if this is the kind of story you are looking for: humans vs. aliens in a big boomin' interstellar war, Star Trek on steroids (written by an actual writer). But... frankly, there is better out there, and most of it isn't this long. I would recommend the Interstellar Commonwealth saga if you really want a big, long classic (but not too dated) space opera.