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Chasing the Dragon - Nicholas Kaufmann This was a high-octane thriller well worth the quick read. A kick-ass heroine in the urban fantasy mold is the Chosen One destined to hunt dragons, or more precisely, one dragon, as she is the latest in a long line of dragonslayers. But our heroine has a few problems. PTSD. Heroin addiction. Homelessness. Basically, she's a mess.

This novella works fine at the length it is at; a full-length novel would have dragged on too long (though I was a little disappointed at the full-length-novel price for a very short ebook, but I won't hold that against the author). It's lots of fun, full of violent action and blood and mayhem, and a real page-turner with a few twists at the end.

Chasing the Dragon wasn't able to earn 5 stars from me because the action scenes began to take on an unrealistic video-game quality, and there were a couple of great big plot holes at the end, but the story was entertaining enough for me to give it a solid 4 stars.