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Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Russell Munson, Richard Bach Why so many people think this book was so "deep" and spiritual, I don't know -- it's about a seagull who decides that just living like a seagull isn't enough, so he learns to fly really, really fast. This non-seagull-like behavior pisses off all the other seagulls, so Jonathan is shunned, but he won't let that stop him from following his little seagull heart's dream.

Two stars instead of one because the underlying message is basically positive, so I guess a kid might identify with it and take something from it, and I'll give Bach credit for writing a heroic quest ala Campbell starring a seagull. But it's still just a dumb New Agey book about a seagull following his dreams. It's about as deep and complex as a Disney cartoon.

ETA: Nah, I lied. It only deserves 1 star.