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Two Plays for Voices - Neil Gaiman Two Plays for Voices is a full-cast audio production of two Neil Gaiman short stories: Snow Glass Applies (narrated by Bebe Neuwirth, aka "Lilith" from Cheers) and Murder Mystery (narrated by Brian Dennehy).

Snow Glass Apples is a dark retelling of Snow White, from the stepmother's point of view. In this version, Snow White is a very sinister little girl, and the "evil queen" who sends her into the woods to die is trying to save herself and her kingdom.

Murder Mystery tells the story of the first murder, the murder of an angel during the dawn of creation, investigated by Raguel, the Angel of Vengeance. Lucifer plays a prominent role.

Retelling fairy tales and myths has always been Neil Gaiman's thing. Sometimes he's quite clever about it. In this case, I thought the stories were okay, but there was nothing really surprising or innovative about them, and I've become a little jaded with Gaiman and his cheap shortcuts for making a story "edgy" by adding blowjobs and homoerotic kisses. For the stories and writing alone, I'd probably rate this set 3 stars - good but not great - but since they were specifically made for an audio production, I have to bump it up another star for the great narration by Bebe Neuwirth and Brian Dennehy, as well as the rest of the cast.

If you're a Gaiman fan, this is average Gaiman. It's certainly not his best work, but it is short.