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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Omnibus, Vol. 2 - Joss Whedon The second omnibus collection of the old Dark Horse Buffy series is strictly mediocre. In fact, I'd rate about half the stories at 2 or 2.5 stars. They're just filler to continue the Buffy franchise. Even in the introduction, the editor admits that DH didn't pay much attention to continuity or have consistent quality (which is true of both the writing and the art).

However, the first story arc - a tale of Buffy and Dawn and their mother moving to Sunnydale following their parents' divorce, and being plagued by Malignancy Demons, was well done and emotional at times, even with the canonically questionable decision to include Dawn. (As viewers of the TV series know, Dawn didn't appear until Season 4, but due to the reality-altering nature of magic in the show, she "retroactively" existed in Buffy and everyone else's memories as having always been there.)

There were also a couple of Spike/Dru stories, including one written by James Marsters (the actor who played Spike). These were decent enough to make the collection worth reading. However, there's nothing really exciting here even for Buffy fans, and I'm not really inclined to read the rest of the series, whereas I will be following the continuing series written by Joss Whedon that is an extension of the show.