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Blackout (Newsflesh Trilogy, #3)
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Tales Of Time And Space - Harvey Kidder, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Silverberg, Jack Finney, Poul Anderson, Fredric Brown, Keith Laumer, William Campbell Gault, Ross R. Olney, Larry Sternig It's pretty iffy rating a book I have not read since I was about 12, but I'm trying to go through my (physical) shelves and catalog all the books I own but haven't yet put on Goodreads, 'cause I'm compulsive that way. Anyway, this book was given to me as a Christmas or birthday present, I think. It's a collection of short stories by several well-known SF authors (though some of them I do not recognize - who's Fredric Brown? I'm sure there are Fredric Brown fans out there who will be aghast at my ignorance of sci-fi history). This is basically a children's book, meaning the stories were selected to appeal to younger SF readers. (Let's face it: boys. It's very much boys' fiction, from what I remember, which is not to say that girls won't like it, just that this is kind of filling the "Heinlein juveniles" niche.)

Anyway, I only dimly remember a couple of the stories, but I know 12-year-old me liked it very much. It is sitting there on my bookshelf waiting for me to reread it again someday, sad that I never had kids to pass it on to.