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Echo: Atomic Dreams - Terry Moore The second book in the Echo series. Not much plot development in this book: Julie and Dillon are still on the run, with Ivy Raven, of the "National Security Branch," on their trail. Ivy is the most intriguing character, since she's a MIB but at least appears to be one of the good guys, claiming that she actually wants to help Julie, while HeNRI, the corporation that built the liquid metal supersuit she's wearing, obviously just wants the suit back and evidence of their screw-up erased at all costs.

The homeless guy with the liquid metal glove catches up to the fugitives, resulting in a bloody and destructive battle in the middle of the Nevada desert. Then Julie and Dillon run away some more, and then the homeless guy catches up to them again.

3.5 stars — nothing really new added here, but the art is still eye-catching and the story moves along. Unfortunately, my local library only has the first two volumes, so looks like I will have to actually buy the next one if I want to see what happens next.