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Zombies Calling - Faith Erin Hicks This was cute but ultimately pretty meh. Although I'm fond of Faith Erin Hicks and her brushed-ink artwork, there are only so many ways to tell a zombie story, and Hicks doesn't really try anything new here. The "hook" is that Joss, the geek-girl protagonist, is an aficionado of zombie movies, so when zombies actually begin overrunning her university campus in London, Ontario, she's able to save her friends by sticking to "the Rules."

Sorry, but zombie stories with Genre Savvy characters are not new.

So, the origin of the zombies turns out to be a cartoonish madman and there's no attempt at all to make it less silly than necessary to fit the entire story + denouement into a hundred-page small B&W graphic novel. This was, like, a single comic strip or maybe a week's worth of comic strips, expanded into a graphic novel.

A very quick read, and good fun if you like zombies, but I'm glad I got it from the library.