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Shade of the Tree - Piers Anthony Can you say "authorial wish-fulfillment"? The main character is a self-insert for Piers Anthony himself, who moves to Florida and promptly "rescues" (by taking in and having sex with) a super-hot teenage girl young enough to be his daughter. The sex scenes are unbearable, as wise-in-the-ways-of-sexual-pleasuring Piers AnthonyJoshua Pinson literally talks the young hottie through various sexual positions, followed, naturally, by giving her an amazing orgasm even though it's her first time having sex. Piers Anthony must have been typing this with one hand.

Add to that the fact that he goes through the most amazing contortions to present a supernatural phenomenon and yet maintain his (and the main character's) atheistic worldview. Let's just say I would have found actual ghosts more plausible than the ending Anthony gives us (and I am an atheist myself).